CCT solutions uniquely protects, traces and tracks any chosen valuable documents and or products from forgery or fraud; it simplifies verification in real-time. Our current solution products include:


  1. CCT Academy / Application iVerify-Certificate
    Educational records verification and authentication online, real-time; such as College Certificates, Transcripts, Diplomas etc.

  2. CCT Bank / Application iVerify-Check
    Checks verification, authentication and traceability system with statistical data system.

  3. CCT Estate /Application iVerify-Tapu
    Real Estate documentation and land registry in need of preservation, verification and or authentication.

  4. CCT Identity / Application iVerify-Identity
    Critical official identification documents that needs protection from counterfeit fraud such as Passports, Personal IDs, Driver Licenses, Social Security documents, Permits, Brand Authentication, Animal Identification, Automobile plates, Art authentication, Artifact records and IDs, Museums records etc.

  5. CCT Pharma / Application iVerify-Drug
    Pharmaceutical identity, drug authentication and verification, statistical data system with supply chain management traceability and tractability.

  6. CCT Medical / Application iVerify-Medi
    Critical medical documents in need of preservation, verification and or authentication such as: Doctor prescriptions, Patient records, reports, or Hospital Equipment records etc.

  7. CCT Business / Application iVerify-Invoice
    Critical business transactions documents in need of verification and or authentication such as: Monetary & Financial documents, Banking Transactions, Invoices, Bonds, Guarantee letters etc.

  8. CTT e-Documents / Application iVerify-Document
    Critical records and documents other than governmental IDs in need of protection, verification and or authentication, such as public n otary, embassy documents, corporate & military communications etc.

About Us

Making life a little bit simpler through innovative IT solutions; creating real time verification, enhancing trust and authenticity, thus combating counterfeit and forgery

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Team Strength!

Our strength emanates from our pride in highly skilled and trained staff; each member represents CCT in its values and beliefs...

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Innovative Solutions

Our products can be used in all kinds of Valuable Documents such as Financial Documents, Offi cial Documents, Certificates, Reports, Animal ID Cards...

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Quality Philosophy

CCT competitive advantages lie in: Our market strategy of exceeding expectations by creating a measurable Win for customers...

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